About Us

Initially founded by Taz Fustok and Oliver Waddington-Ball, The Penny Market had a view to improve the local area around Golborne Road for both the community and to attract new trade for local business. However, throughout the evolution of the original concept they realised there was potential to expand upon this helping much more then just the local community. Set up in early 2014, The Penny Market aims to offer stalls with a difference, based loosely on natural and eco-friendly themes that you won’t find in the main Portobello Market. The Market’s main focus is on organic, fresh produce to fill up your pantry, larder and fridge.

Donations & Profits
The Penny Market donates one penny back to the local community, for every two pennies made. 50% profits will be allocated to various charities and social enterprises including, but not limited to  As the market grows we will distribute donations into other areas. Of the 50% profits made by The Penny Market a third will be donated to various charities that we support, another third will be allocated by our COO Oliver Waddington-Ball to social enterprises and the last third will go to our partner charity Goldfinger Factory.

The Future
The Penny Market effort is, in effect, a strategy to develop the entire Golborne Road area, initially beginning with 12 stalls on Portobello Road with a view to expand to over two dozen more on Golborne Road near Trellick Tower within the near future. Increasing our contributions to the community will allow The Penny Market’s vision to impact the local area and see local businesses thriving.

The Team
Taz Fustok: Director
Oliver Waddington-Ball: Head of Community Engagement
James Burbridge: Digital Strategy
Vix Jensen: Social Media
David Saiz: Market Manager
Eloise Few: Market Manager

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