Apple-y Ever After…

“Honeydew wanna get married?”
“Love, I cantaloupe!”

“I love you from my head tomatoes”

Why, do you ask, lovely Londoner, is this post starting with the worst fruit puns in the whole of existence? Well, we’d be surprised if you didn’t crack a little smile, and we all have smiles on our faces today, so we love that you joined us! It’s all about ‘in with the new’ at the Market recently, and this weekend we have welcomed a new and very, very exciting addition to our pretty pastel stalls. Since June, we have been busy building the perfect collection of products, so that every time you pass by the corner of Portobello and Golborne, you can find all the perfect ingredients for your weekend meals! Cheese, bread, meats – a feast fit for a king. But, where’s the greens? Where’s the fruit salad? Where’s the five-a-day to add to the plate? Well, now we’ve got you covered, and you can find a gorgeous array of fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables every single weekend, courtesy of Ted’s Veg.

Ted’s Veg is a family owned company, using old-fashioned and traditional methods of growing fruit and vegetables out in South Lincolnshire. They pride themselves (and rightly so!) on their chemical-free approach to growing the wonderful collection of products that find their way to our market stalls, so that you can be certain that you are only consuming the freshest, healthiest of ingredients, as opposed to any worryingly long-named pesticides… They are dedicated to providing England, and now specifically Pennies, with a huge variety of the best fruit and veg money can buy, with a good dose of love to go with it too.


Their range is large enough to please even the fussiest of fruit and veg eaters and warm the hearts and tummies of those who love it already.  The stall was a veritable rainbow for the eyes all set up this weekend, and added a Warholian pop to the Golborne road scene this weekend, bright enough to tempt anyone!

So, come and let your eyes grow to the size of dinner plates, and try artichokes, rhubarb, lettuces and more thanks to Ted and his family!

See you soon, London.




Vix Jensen

Vix is an avid writer and blogger, in love with all things London. She has worked for Cosmopolitan Magazine and had pieces of short fiction and non-fiction published in literary magazines around England. She is the Penny Market's resident blogger, tweeter and Facebooker, and is looking forward to watching this amazing venture grow.

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