It’s not just your imagination…Cupcakes really do make you happier…

As another day at the market draws to a sunny close, I’m back as your resident blogger to give you some fantastic news, and zoom in on our third lip-smackingly lush stall.


Pennies, we live in a health-conscious world, and we all know it. We spend most of our lives getting reminded by glossy magazines to slim down for summer, to drink our 8 pints of water a day, and to eat our greens. These are all fantastic pieces of advice, and the team here at The Penny Market are all for promoting a healthy lifestyle, which can make us all feel great and energetic, and help our bodies work at their optimal level. But surely, part of being kind to yourself and to this stunning vessel you live in, means giving yourself a treat every now and then… What better than a cupcake, or a piece of fudge, or even an oatmeal cookie, to give you the much-needed weekend sugar rush, or evening pick-me-up?

Good news!! In light of the recent “cupcake boom”, and the return towards a love of sugary indulgences, nutritionists have found out that all this kind of deliciousness does, in fact, do you a lot of good (at least in moderation!)


  • Cupcakes and cookies provide a rush of happy chemicals, called endorphins and serotonin, which are guaranteed to put a smile back on your face, even when in the worst of moods!
  • Glucose, or the sugar found in things that appease your sweet-tooth-cravings, actually gives you a ton of energy and helps other food to digest too.
  • After that energy boost, it’s been shown that your brain works at a faster pace for 1-2 hours, and as long as you stay hydrated, and eat generally healthily, the much-feared “sugar crash” shouldn’t even happen!


What better way, then, to satisfy your need for sugar than with our wonderful Cupcakes and Shhht stall, residents of the Market every week? All their ingredients are locally sourced, natural, and completely fair-trade, and everything tastes absolutely AMAZING! Not only is each cupcake tiny and perfectly formed, they also make their own tablet fudge by hand, in no less than 6 different flavours. The peanut butter lovers out there will be in heaven, as will the caramel obsessives, and even the traditionalists, who prefer to stick to more simple flavours…

As if even that wasn’t enough, their delish oatmeal cookies are also available, totally homemade, in so many different flavours that it’s hard to choose! Peanut butter, chocolate chip, apple crumble, blueberry and white chocolate… We think this might have been what Charlie felt like when he was allowed into Willy Wonka’s factory, his eyes as big as saucers… Turns out we can feel like that right here in the heart of London, if we just get to this little stall!

So, go ahead and improve your happiness, energy levels and general health – have a sweet treat from us!

See you next week,

Vix x


Vix Jensen

Vix is an avid writer and blogger, in love with all things London. She has worked for Cosmopolitan Magazine and had pieces of short fiction and non-fiction published in literary magazines around England. She is the Penny Market's resident blogger, tweeter and Facebooker, and is looking forward to watching this amazing venture grow.

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